3rd Place, Best Published Picture Story (smaller markets)
Leah Nash/Leah Nash Photography
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Though Tobi and Dale are not on the autism spectrum, Tobi has a twin sister who children are, laying credence to the generally accepted belief that autism is a genetic disorder. Tobi agrees, “I would say for me and Dale, we’re not autistic we definitely see similarities in ourselves, but not enough to make it a diagnosis. Though,” she jokes, “usually if your kid’s been diagnosed, you should probably get a diagnosis yourself!” But many site environmental factors including mercury in vaccinations, diet, even heavy rain as triggers of autism. The truth is, there is no one certain cause for autism because autism is not a medical condition. Instead, it is a definition given to those that exhibit a specific set of behaviors and it is those behaviors that define autism.

Sergey Kozmin
Geo Ado (France)
Corey Perrine
The Augusta Chronicle
Leah Nash
Leah Nash Photography
Kuba Kaminski

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