Honorable Mention, Environment (nature, wildlife) Picture Story
Ivan Tykhy
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Portrait of old woman with child. Cemoro Lawang, Java, Indonesia This story about people that live too close to Volcano Bromo. Volcano Bromo is an active volcano and part of the Tengger massif, in East Java, Indonesia. According to legend, Tengger people are the direct descendants of the Majapahit Empire and live there since 15th century. For the Tengger (local people) Mount Bromo (Brahma) is believed to be a holy mountain. People here get used to adjust their lives to constant threat of eruption as Bromo is an active volcano. It’s like sitting on a powder keg, breathing ashes which tastes like a blood, so salty and ferociously ferriferous. It is really challenging to bear in mind that every new day can be the last one in your life. Last eruption was on 23 January 2011. But so few of them would agree to leave their homes if the Giant woke up.  

Jay Janner
Austin American-Statesman
Luca Catalano Gonzaga
Joel Sartore
National Geographic Magazine
Bjorn Stig Hansen
Ivan Tykhy
Erika Schultz
The Seattle Times

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