NPPA: The Voice of Visual Journalists

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1st place   -  Justin Tate - Thanks for the Memories

    Daniel Hale

2nd place   -  The Long Goodbye


3rd place   -  Living in Room 202

    Cheryl Evans

1st place   -  While You Were Sleeping

    John Paraskevas

2nd place   -  Flying High in Smithtown

    John Paraskevas

3rd place   -  Feels Like Fall

    Laurie Skrivan

Multimedia Project

1st place   -  A New Dawn?

    David Stephenson

2nd place   -  The Street with No Name

    Andrew Laker

3rd place   -  Fair Weather Fun

    Alexandra Garcia & Sarah Voisin

1st place   -  Burnover

    Mary Vignoles, Bryan Chan, Karen Tapia

2nd place   -  Changed forever

    Jack Rowland & Martha Rial

3rd place   -  Facing foreclosure

    Jack Rowland & Lara Cerri

1st place   -  Reporting for Duty

    Elie Gardner & David Carson

2nd place   -  Friday Night Rewind

    Jack Rowland, Maurice Rivenbark, Jon O'Neil, John Cotey, Joey Knight, Lee Glynn, Brendan Watson

3rd place   -  Sheep Drive

    Tim Hacker, Tony D'Astoli