NPPA: The Voice of Visual Journalists

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1st place   -  Music, Food, Drink

    James Patterson

2nd place   -  The Mukwa Motel

    Mike Desisti

3rd place   -  A Gift From God

    Jim Gehrz

1st place   -  Raven and Jason

    Rafal Gerszak

2nd place   -  Season to Share: Charles & Alex Johnson

    Jennifer Berry

3rd place   -  Urban Chickens

    Anne Medley

Multimedia Project

1st place   -  The Marlboro Marine

    Mary Vignoles, Mary Cooney, Alan Hagman, Luis Sinco, Media Storm-Chad Stevens, Brian Storm, Exec. Producer

2nd place   -  The Soldier's Wife

    Amelia Phillips Hale

3rd place   -  Medals of Memory: The Military Tattoo

    Michelle Cassel, , Lexey Swall, Judy Lutz, Todd Soligo

1st place   -  Arctic In Peril

    Bernard Weil, Ed Struzik

2nd place   -  In It Together, Part III

    Mary Vignoles, Rick Loomis, Rick Loomis

3rd place   -  The Wonder of Flight

    Jim Gehrz, Vickie Kettlewell

1st place   -  Ian's Peace

    Travis Long, Juli Leonard, Takaaki Iwabu, Ethan Hyman, Rob Roberts

2nd place   -  A Farm Family

    Jason Taylor, Charla Jones

3rd place   -  Remembrance Day

    Scott Simmie, Sue-Ann Lewis