NPPA: The Voice of Visual Journalists

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1st place   -  Roger\'s Care

    Will Yurman

2nd place   -  Electric Football Super Bowl

    Jon Fletcher

3rd place   -  Klamath River

    Kent Porter

1st place   -  Olympic Dream

    Bernard Weil

2nd place   -  Wacky Wisconsin weather

    Mike Desisti

3rd place   -  Diving For The Cross

    Crystal Lauderdale

Multimedia Project

1st place   -  The Quiet War

    Christopher Tyree, Norman Shafer, Miranda Muligan, Kate Wiltrout, Roger Richards

2nd place   -  A meaningful way of living

    Stanton Paddock

3rd place   -  Queens for a day makeover

    Margaret Loucks

1st place   -  Curse of the Black Gold: Oil in the Niger Delta

    Miki Meek, Ed Kashi, Kevin Kilgore

2nd place   -  King-Pin Pooch

    Danielle Guerra & Stephen Sanchez

3rd place   -  Chasing a Comet

    Colin Mulvany & Jed Conklin

1st place   -  Ford Funeral Procession

    Michael Hakuta, Christina Pino-Marina, John Poole

2nd place   -  Ice, ice, go away

    Angela Morris & Kin Hui

3rd place   -  Rink Rats

    Greg Undeen & Cory Myers