NPPA: The Voice of Visual Journalists

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1st place   -  Staying Afloat

    Nick Adams

2nd place   -  Ben, Burt & 2200 Cows

    Will Yurman

3rd place   -  Troop 167

    Jill Toyoshiba

1st place   -  Sights and Sounds from NASCAR Craftsmen truck race.

    Todd Feeback

2nd place   -  \"Deal or No Deal\" tryouts hit Kansas City, Kansas

    Todd Feeback

3rd place   -  Piano Prodigy

    Ricardo Lopez

Multimedia Project

1st place   -  Mississippi River Life

    Mike Dean

2nd place   -  Spring 2007 Shoes

    Cliff Jette

3rd place   -  Building a Track Star

    Jason Arthurs, Rob Roberts, Tim Lee, Edward Robinson

1st place   -  Love to last a lifetime

    Monty Davis & Allison Long

2nd place   -  Bill and Ted\'s last adventure

    Anita Baca & Nicole Fruge

3rd place   -  Why We Compete | Curiosity - The Barkley Marathons

    Alexandra Garcia, Preston Keres

1st place   -  The Girls

    John Lehmann, , Murray Siple

2nd place   -  Squatters Evicted

    Chuck Fadely, Candace Barbot

3rd place   -  Harrowing Housing

    Rick Gershon, Barbara Davidson