NPPA: The Voice of Visual Journalists

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1st place   -  Hotel Poverty

    Shane Bauer

2nd place   -  "Attitude is Everything"

    Peter Power

3rd place   -  Mother's Day in Prison

    John Burgess

1st place   -  A Fine Balance

    Brent Foster

2nd place   -  Be Not Afraid

    CHAD STEVENS, Zach Wise,

3rd place   -  The Fire

    Steve Mellon, Anita Srikameswaran

Multimedia Project

1st place   -  Purging the Demons

    Michel Fortier, Todd Soligo (flash design) Wasim Ahmad (editing assistance)

2nd place   -  Soul of Athens

    CHAD STEVENS, Chris Kelleher, Sonya Hebert, Students of the School of Visual Communication at Ohio University, Advisors: Zach Wise, Brian Storm

3rd place   -  The Music Class of 2007

    Jack Rowland, William McLaren, Desiree Perry

1st place   -  Mommy Goes Boom

    Elizabeth Bristow & Shana Sureck

2nd place   -  Fire's random, destructive nature

    Regina McCombs, Jenni Pinkley, Richard Sennott, Karen Paurus

3rd place   -  The Art of Being Leonard Cohen

    Jason Taylor, Charla Jones, Sarah Hampson, Steve MacDougall

1st place   -  Surgery of the Soul

    CHAD STEVENS, Travis Dove, Michael Kleinfeld

2nd place   -  Sandlot of Dreams

    Sonya Hebert, Eric Kayne, Kim Walker, Stan Alost, Beth Skabar

3rd place   -  Jenny's Story

    Sonya Hebert, Beth Skabar