NPPA: The Voice of Visual Journalists

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1st place   -  Saving Victoria

    Jay Janner

2nd place   -  Piano Man


3rd place   -  Wife cares for stroke victim

    Elizabeth Margerum

1st place   -  Despite best efforts, border deaths persist

    Andrew Satter

2nd place   -  Woman of the Ring

    Brent Foster

3rd place   -  Hillyard Hammer

    Daniel Pelle

Multimedia Project

1st place   -  40 YEARS OF RESPECT

    Stephen McGee

2nd place   -  Walter Reed and Beyond

    Nancy Donaldson & Michel duCille

3rd place   -  Montana Love

    Brian McDermott

1st place   -  Recovering with grace

    Peter Power, Jason Taylor, Jayson Taylor, Chris Manza

2nd place   -  The Angora Fire with Photo Director Tim Dunn

    Elizabeth Margerum & Tim Dunn

3rd place   -  Colombia's Coca Battle

    Nancy Donaldson & Alexandra Garcia

1st place   -  Making ends meet across borders

    , Shanon Dell, Dan Strieff, Paul Segner

2nd place   -  Chicken Busters: Grown Men Chasing Chickens

    Ricardo Lopez, Candace Barbot

3rd place   -  Managing multiples

    Carissa Ray & Robert Hood