NPPA: The Voice of Visual Journalists

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1st place   -  New Cadet Week

    Tim Gruber

2nd place   -  Texas Redneck Games

    Nicole Fruge

3rd place   -  Fares With a Flair--The Singing Cab Driver

    Barbara Salisbury

1st place   -  The Diggers (Twin Clam Diggers in Maine)

    Barbara Salisbury

2nd place   -  The Burning Man Experience

    Zach Wise

3rd place   -  Farmhouse Murders

    Brian Peterson

Multimedia Project

1st place   -  Burning Man '07

    Zach Wise, Tiffany Brown, Kristen Peterson, Patrick Coolican, Tyson Evans, Trent Ogle

2nd place   -  Fast Friends

    Diane Weiss, Mandi Wright, & Kathy Kieliszewski

3rd place   -  Press Park, New Orleans


1st place   -  Liberia's children of war

    Jack Rowland, Kathleen Flynn, Vanessa Gezari

2nd place   -  Paying Tribute to Sgt. Christopher Reyka

    Allen Eyestone, Jennifer Berry, Jennifer Podis, Jennifer Podis, Jennifer Podis, Jennifer Podis, Please also include NPPA member Damon Higgins #42747; non-member Greg Stepanich

3rd place   -  Bomb Can't Stop Soldier

    Ed Crisostomo, David Shea, Steve Medd, Gary Miller

1st place   -  Pumped

    Justin Yurkanin, Seth Robbins

2nd place   -  New Orleans Projects

    Rick Gershon, Mario Tama

3rd place   -  Raging Asian Women

    Bernard Weil