NPPA: The Voice of Visual Journalists

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1st place   -  Under One Roof

    Chris Carmichael

2nd place   -  My Name is Marius

    Mike Terry

3rd place   -  Portrait of rollerderby

    Joshua Bright

1st place   -  A Living Profession

    Jose Corbella

2nd place   -  Flying Trikes

    Daniel Pelle

3rd place   -  Van Mon: A Forgotten Existence

    Ehrin Macksey

Multimedia Project

1st place   -  In Shadows: Stories of Hardship and Hope in Mental Health

    Chris Carmichael

2nd place   -  Kali's Book

    Frank Wiese, Karl Stolleis, Cynthia Greer, Peter Dobrin, Eric Mencher, Sterling Chen, Mike Levin, Rebecca Klock

3rd place   -  Van Mon: A Forgotten Existence

    Ehrin Macksey

1st place   -  18-year-old Obama delegate at Democratic National Convention

    , Noah Brenner

1st place   -  A city block is demolished, one building at a time

    David Stephenson

2nd place   -  The Big One Part 1: "It Blindsided Us"

    , Karin Crompton, Rick Koster

3rd place   -  Down at the Laundry Bar

    Jose Corbella & EILEEN MIGNONI