NPPA: The Voice of Visual Journalists

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1st place   -  Braving the Pain

    Jason Braverman

2nd place   -  Fish Lake Garlic Man

    Bernard Weil

3rd place   -  Economic Woes

    David Ryder

1st place   -  Faces of the Crisis

    Jose Corbella

2nd place   -  A soldier reflects on Afghanistan

    Randy Risling

3rd place   -  Sex trafficking's victims

    Margaret Loucks

Multimedia Project

1st place   -  Witnessing History in the West Grove

    Andrea Ballocchi, Walyce Almeida, Brian Schlansky, Melissa Gerber, Joe Capruano, Nick Harbaugh ...

2nd place   -  Boomer Tsunami

    Bernard Weil, Judy Steed

3rd place   -  Smoke and Mirrors: The subversion of the EPA

    Frank Wiese, John Shiffman, John Sullivan, Tom Avril, Michael Bryant, Alan Baseden, EPA team

1st place   -  In New Land Rush, Ranchers Unite

    Andrew DeVigal, Catrin Einhorn, Kevin Moloney, Felicity Barringer

2nd place   -  Living on the Edge

    William McLaren, Christopher Zuppa, Lara Cerri, Willie Allen, Austin Bogues, Matt Albucher

3rd place   -  "Los Quince Años": A Rite of Passage

    Sara Guevara, Ashley Fielding

1st place   -  Jobs to Mexico

    Jim Rankin, Sue Ann Lewis

2nd place   -  Fighting Eviction

    Miranda Harple, Danielle Guerra, Nicole Shea

3rd place   -  On the Road with the Rebels

    Ryan McAfee, Alex Adeyanju, Christine Killimayer