NPPA: The Voice of Visual Journalists

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1st place   -  Faith & Family

    James Patterson

2nd place   -  Boom City

    Suzanne Schmid

3rd place   -  Ability Beyond Disability

    Lindsay Adler

1st place   -  Promise of Protection

    Travis Long

2nd place   -  Caring for Sandy

    David Smith

3rd place   -  Packer fans brave the cold

    Mike Desisti

Multimedia Project

1st place   -  Great 8 local bands to watch

    Travis Long, Jason Arthurs, Rob Roberts, Juli Leonard, Tim Lee, David Menconi

2nd place   -  The devoted life: People's extraordinary passions

    Margaret Loucks, Rhea Davis

3rd place   -  Drought in Georgia

    GILLIAN BOLSOVER, , Christian Bruce, Laura E. Walker, Angie Herrington, Mike Pare

1st place   -  All out of Hope, Seeking Shelter in Pakistan

    Katie Falkenberg, J. Ross Baughman, Christian Fuchs

2nd place   -  Lucha Libre

    David Shea & Mark Zaleski

3rd place   -  Three Days in Iowa

    Meghan Lyden & Ralph Sangosti

1st place   -  Air Sick

    Bernard Weil, Lucas Oleniuk, Scott Simmie, Randy Risling

2nd place   -  Burning of the Greens

    Garrett Hubbard, Stephen McGee

3rd place   -  St. Vincent to Close

    Colin Mulvany, Kevin Graman