NPPA: The Voice of Visual Journalists

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1st place   -  Weslaco Bullriders - Life Lessons Learned Over 8 Seconds

    Nathan Lambrecht

2nd place   -  Becoming Cynthia

    Corey Perrine

3rd place   -  Imploding the Past

    David Maialetti

1st place   -  Flowers For Food

    John Lehmann

2nd place   -  Cost of Expansion

    Zach Wise

3rd place   -  Unschooling

    Sachi Cunningham

Multimedia Project

1st place   -  Talking to the Taliban

    Jason Taylor, Graeme Smith, Chris Manza, Alisa Mamak, Trish McAlister, Tonia Cowan

2nd place   -  Born of War

    Jason Taylor & Kevin Van Paassen

3rd place   -  BearingWitness

    Bob Sacha, Tim Klimowicz, Brian Storm

1st place   -  Carrying On

    Anita Baca & Nicole Fruge

2nd place   -  Seafood Rules in Key West

    Andrew DeVigal, Emily Rueb, Cindy Price, Barbara P. Fernandez, Taylor Umlauf

3rd place   -  Amber's Story

    Jim Gehrz, Josephine Marcotty

1st place   -  Surviving Katrina

    Peter Power, Janice Pinto

2nd place   -  A Shrimper's Storm

    John Lehmann, Tim Fraser

3rd place   -  An artist first

    Scott Simmie, Aaron Harris