NPPA: The Voice of Visual Journalists

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1st place   -  Faith, Hope, and Love

    Sarah Pastrana

2nd place   -  Moving With Faith

    Dan Powers

3rd place   -  Trying times

    Ryan Garza

1st place   -  Barely Bowling

    John Lehmann

2nd place   -  LA Kids Consignment: The OG of Southern California's Baby Swap Meets

    Katy Newton

3rd place   -  The View From the Mat: Women Wrestlers in Oklahoma


Multimedia Project

1st place   -  Wellspring Academy

    Erin Brethauer, Jaime McKee, Ashley Wilson, Nanci Bompey

2nd place   -  History of Las Vegas

    Zach Wise, Andy Samuelson, Mary Manning, Billy Steffens, Matt Toplikar, Trent Ogle, many more

3rd place   -  Battle Over a Brooklyn School

    Andrew DeVigal, Andrea Elliot, Brent McDonald, Graham Roberts

1st place   -  Final Journey

    Mary Vignoles, Bryan Chan, Robert St. John, Michael Robinson Chavez

2nd place   -  Taking a Chance on a Second Child

    Andrew DeVigal, James Estrin, Josh Haner

3rd place   -  Black April

    Mary Vignoles, Trish Crapo, Mark Boster

1st place   -  1968 Kansas City Riots Remembered

    Monty Davis, Todd Feeback, Dave Helling

2nd place   -  Saving Jayla

    Pailin Wedel, Travis Long helped edit and Valerie Aguirre and Rob Roberts created the interface.

3rd place   -  High Tea, Doggy Style

    Jennifer Berry, Libby Volgyes, Vada Mossavat