NPPA: The Voice of Visual Journalists

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1st place   -  The Repairman

    Christine Baker

2nd place   -  Till Death Do Us Part

    Brent Foster

3rd place   -  Behold Bikini Man

    Nicole Fruge

1st place   -  Training for the Lake Ontario 300

    Joel Kesler

2nd place   -  Troops' brain injuries inspire a new mission

    Garrett Hubbard

3rd place   -  Highway Angel

    Brent Foster

Multimedia Project

1st place   -  Crime & Punishment

    Bernard Weil, Jim Rankin, Scott Simmie, Randy Risling, Sue Ann Lewis, Joel Kesler,

2nd place   -  Homicide 37: Seeking Justice for Lance

    , Ryan Smith (producer), Brendan McCarthy (reporter)

3rd place   -  Closer to Home: A daughter becomes a caregiver

    Taylor Hayden

1st place   -  She's Cowgirl

    William McLaren & Dirk Shadd

2nd place   -  "Sir Roberto Pettite"

    Damian Mulinix, Maggie Schmidt

3rd place   -  Senior Prom

    Mark Edelson, Eliza Gutierrez

1st place   -  Taking back the streets

    Bernard Weil, Sandro Contenta

2nd place   -  Stained glass on a cosmic scale

    Chris So, Randy Risling, & Joel Kesler

3rd place   -  The Coffin Couple

    Ryan McAfee, Denise Spidle, Brendan Buhler