NPPA: The Voice of Visual Journalists

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1st place   -  Raising Burmese


2nd place   -  At Home on the Farm

    Chet White

3rd place   -  Fair Flipbook

    Emily McManamy

1st place   -  The State Fair on Speed

    Ben Garvin

2nd place   -  Robed In Merit

    Jose Corbella

3rd place   -  West Nile - Life After The Bite

    John Lehmann

Multimedia Project

1st place   -  Andaman Rising

    Jose Corbella, EILEEN MIGNONI, Pat Davison, Grace Koerber, Kendrick Wilson, Charissa Lloyd, Phil Daquila, Julie Turkewitz,Lillie Elliot, etc

2nd place   -  Game of the Week

    Jennifer Berry, Thomas Cordy, Libby Volgyes, Aisha Faquir, Jason Leiser, Jennifer Podis, Mark Edelson, Clay Clifton

3rd place   -  End of the Line

    Andrew DeVigal, Jon Huang and Alexis Mainland

1st place   -  Paws in Prison

    William McLaren & Christopher Zuppa

2nd place   -  The Long Summer

    Jason Taylor, Charla Jones, Alisa Mamak

3rd place   -  5,000 Home Births Later

    Christine Baker, John C. Whitehead, Dan Gleiter , Bradley C. Bower

1st place   -  The Last Generation

    Jose Corbella, Nick Scott

2nd place   -  Preparing for Another

    Jose Corbella, EILEEN MIGNONI, Phil Daquila, Julie Turkewitz, Erin Debnam, etc

3rd place   -  Moving Day

    David Gordon, Joshua Fleetwood