NPPA: The Voice of Visual Journalists

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1st place   -  Out of prison, still doing time

    Greg Kahn

2nd place   -  A Chance to Die While Living

    Michael Seamans

3rd place   -  Cowboys & Cul-de-Sacs


1st place   -   TERP

    Rafal Gerszak

2nd place   -  Fire Citizen's Academy

    Ben Garvin

3rd place   -  Six months on the picket line

    Bernard Weil

Multimedia Project

1st place   -  Testing Grounds

    William McLaren, Kathleen Flynn, Kainaz Amaria, Desiree Perry, Kris Hundley, Darla Cameron

2nd place   -  Thirst in the Mojave

    Zach Wise

3rd place   -  The Rites of Life

    Kim Raff, Matt Busse, Liz Barry

1st place   -  Palliative piano

    Chris So, Tony Bock, David Cooper, Megan Ogilvie

2nd place   -  Born Too Soon

    Shelley Mays, Tom Stanford, Knight Stivender, Chris Rapking, Claudia Pinto

3rd place   -  Tyisha Miller: 10 Years After

    , Silvia Flores, David Bauman, Silvia Flores, Stan Lim and Kirk Miller

1st place   -  Alamo Dustoffs

    Nicole Fruge, Kin Man Hui (NPPA#?)

2nd place   -  A Day with Francisco

    Miranda Harple, Michelle Cassel, Nicole Shea

3rd place   -  The refugees of Dadaab

    Randy Risling &