NPPA: The Voice of Visual Journalists

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1st place   -  A Losing Gamble: Chasing the Vegas Dream

    Brian van der Brug

2nd place   -  Zombies Invade Oldtown

    Conner Jay

3rd place   -  A Chronic Life

    Eric Engman

1st place   -  Uninsured in the Mississippi Delta

    Katie Falkenberg

2nd place   -  Facing Autism

    Brandon Ross

3rd place   -  Violin Restored

    Bernard Weil

Multimedia Project

1st place   -  Faces of the Crisis - Stories of the housing collapse in North Carolina

    Jose Corbella

2nd place   -  Inside the Private Equity Game

    Andrew DeVigal

3rd place   -  Why We Travel: Reader's Photos

    Andrew DeVigal

1st place   -  Behind the Scenes: A Different Battleground

    Andrew DeVigal

2nd place   -  Breaking Through the Ranks

    Andrew DeVigal

3rd place   -  Cut in Half

    Andrew DeVigal

1st place   -  Religion Rejuvenates Environmentalism

    EILEEN MIGNONI, Courtney Woo

2nd place   -  24 Hours in the ER: Health care's front lines

    Garrett Hubbard, Steve Elfers, Thad Allander

3rd place   -  Yemen's prisoners

    Randy Risling, Lucas Oleniuk photo, Michelle Shephard writer