NPPA: The Voice of Visual Journalists

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1st place   -  How Long Can This Go On?

    Veronica Wilson

2nd place   -  Going to the courthouse and we're, going to get married

    Damian Mulinix

3rd place   -  The things they sold

    James Brosher

1st place   -  Homeless State of Mind

    Marcin Szczepanski

2nd place   -  Voices from a Moment in History

    Kainaz Amaria

3rd place   -  "They Stole So Much More"

    John Adkisson

Multimedia Project

1st place   -  Death Perceptions

    Doral Chenoweth, , Mark Somerson, Randy Walk, Tim Meko, Jeremy Lynch

2nd place   -  A Traditional Birth

    Daniel Hale, ADG Reporter Michelle Parks - writing and natural sound

3rd place   -  A look back

    William McLaren, Willie Allen, Christopher Zuppa, Kainaz Amaria, Melissa Lyttle, Martha Rial

1st place   -  Tuesday at IBM

    Emily McManamy & Ryan Mercer

2nd place   -  Taking by Eminent Domain

    Christine Haines, Dave Rafferty

3rd place   -  From the Road

    William McLaren & Willie Allen

1st place   -  Part of the family

    , Susan L. Angstadt

2nd place   -  America's Journey: Ianauguration Day 2009, Part 2

    Rhyne Piggott, Steve Elfers, Garrett Hubbard, Thad Allander, Brian Kaufman, Mandi Wright, Julia Schmalz

3rd place   -  Ice fishers take to the river

    Tyler Walsh, Mike Deal