NPPA: The Voice of Visual Journalists

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1st place   -  1,000 Miles On The Yukon Quest

    Eric Engman

2nd place   -  He Deserves More

    Paul Ruhter

3rd place   -  Hazing Crows

    Justin Sorensen

1st place   -  Video Portrait of Homeless Youth Russell Daye. Produced for

    Ben Garvin

2nd place   -  Night Skiing

    Tony Overman

3rd place   -  Opera Set Going Up

    Robert Hallinen

Multimedia Project

1st place   -  The Afghan Diaries

    Henrik Kastenskov, Poul Madsen

2nd place   -  Anticipation on a City Block

    Andrew DeVigal

3rd place   -  Melissa Dixson: The Urban Taxidermist

    Andrew DeVigal

1st place   -  In Economic Vise, Pontiac Struggles

    Andrew DeVigal

2nd place   -  Taylor's Barbershop

    Nicole Fruge, Kin Man Hui

3rd place   -  For Georgia High School Band, a Bus Ride to History

    Andrew DeVigal

1st place   -  The mother of autistic twins looks forward to a special needs park

    , Elizabeth Allen

2nd place   -  Ordinary Men, Extraordinary History

    Miranda Harple & Nathan Cremisino