NPPA: The Voice of Visual Journalists

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1st place   -  Battle Scars

    Kim Raff

2nd place   -  Fairy Tales

    Michael Zamora

3rd place   -  Lynn Weds Kate

    Jan Seeger

1st place   -  My neighbor

    Mike Desisti

2nd place   -  Pantless in Seattle

    Danny Gawlowski

3rd place   -  Elvis Presley 75th Birthday Bash

    Jane Tyska

Multimedia Project

1st place   -  To Haiti and back in a day

    Rick West

2nd place   -  Running the Dubai Marathon

    Edythe McNamee

3rd place   -  Seniors for Sale

    Danny Gawlowski, Genevieve Alvarez, Mike Berens, Alan Berner, James Neff, Tiffany Campbell

1st place   -  "Valley of Death"

    Brian van der Brug, Albert Lee

2nd place   -  Aid finds its way to impoverished areas of Haiti

    Brian van der Brug & Marc Martin

3rd place   -  Winter Wonders: Olympic Stars of Yesteryear

    Andrew DeVigal

1st place   -  Port-au-Prince neighborhood comes together

    Jennifer Podis, Lannis Waters, Daphne Duret

2nd place   -  Doctor's plea for resources

    Jennifer Podis & Lannis Waters

3rd place   -  McChord C-17 delivers relief, evacuates survivors from Haiti

    Danny Gawlowski, Erika Schultz