NPPA: The Voice of Visual Journalists

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Audio Slideshow

1st place   -  Out of options, family moves into truck

    Danny Gawlowski, Erika Schultz

2nd place   -  African American Band Event

    Vinny Tennis

3rd place   -  Christopher's Heart

    Staton Breidenthal

Multimedia Project

1st place   -  Ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich - A Corruption Political Crime Spree

    George LeClaire, Equal work by all Editorial and Web Staff

2nd place   -  Night at the Star Drive-in

    Sonya Doctorian, Joanna Pinneo and Matthew Roberts

3rd place   -  A child's perspective on homelessness

    Danny Gawlowski, Erika Shultz


1st place   -  Spilling Over

    Lauren Frohne, Jessey Dearing, Elena Rue, Mike Ehrlich

2nd place   -  Barn Fire

    Steve Lundy