NPPA: The Voice of Visual Journalists

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Audio Slideshow

1st place   -  High School Hunters

    Benjamin Zack

2nd place   -  The Man in the Arena


3rd place   -  JFL Champions

    Nick Adams

Multimedia Project

1st place   -  The Workers

    Andrew DeVigal

2nd place   -  Pink Kisses

    Russ Scalf, Candice Adams, Maureen Stewart

3rd place   -  Marine Killed in Afganistan: One Year Later

    George LeClaire, Mark Welsh, Patrick Kunzer, Deborah Donovan


1st place   -  Meaning in Madness

    Andrew DeVigal

2nd place   -  Tara Evans

    Mark Mulligan

3rd place   -  Derek Boogaard: An Enforcer's Story

    Andrew DeVigal