NPPA: The Voice of Visual Journalists

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Audio Slideshow

1st place   -  Shelito's Way


2nd place   -  Barrelhouse Chuck

    Gilbert Boucher

Multimedia Project

1st place   -  Aftershock: Penn State students react to a child sex abuse scandal and the loss of a revered coach

    Kelley King, Jillian Knight, Andrew Colwell, Chloe Elmer, Kirk Dyson, Amanda August, Tyler Sizemore, Tom Ruane, Jeremy Kahn

2nd place   -  The Last Smokestack

    Mark Mulligan, Annie Mulligan, Debra Smith, Doug Parry

3rd place   -  A Voice For The Working Class

    Christopher Griffin


1st place   -  The Boxcar

    Patrick Shannahan

2nd place   -  Living On The Limits

    Sarah Hoffman, Pirita Mannikko

3rd place   -  Add one more to my list

    Amelia Kunhardt