NPPA: The Voice of Visual Journalists

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Audio Slideshow

1st place   -  Moing Picture: The tattoo artist

    Rick West

2nd place   -  The War Re-enactor

    Beverly Horne

3rd place   -  Real Life Guitar Hero

    George LeClaire

Multimedia Project

1st place   -  Brylee's Wings

    Jeffrey Allred

2nd place   -  Batkid

    Mike Kepka & Luanne Dietz

3rd place   -  The City Exposed: Erased by the tide

    Mike Kepka


1st place   -  The Debt Cycle, Parts 1,2 & 3

    Deepthi Unnikrishnan, Razan Alzayani, Paul Driscoll

2nd place   -  Liam Da Leo - A Day in the Life

    Jay Dunn

3rd place   -  The fight to curb shark finning in the Arabian Gulf

    Paul O'Driscoll