NPPA: The Voice of Visual Journalists

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Audio Slideshow

1st place   -  The Birdscaper

    George LeClaire

2nd place   -  Struggle to Survive


3rd place   -  New Paris Speedway

    Sam Householder

Multimedia Project

1st place   -  Ahmad

    Autumn Parry, Griffin Moores

2nd place   -  Love Doesn't Say Goodbye

    Andrew Lee

3rd place   -  The challenge of our age- Interview with Mary

    Shawn Ouellette


1st place   -  The 92-Year-Old Skydiver

    Nate Lavey

2nd place   -  Fun Factory

    Jonah Kessel, Dan Levin

3rd place   -  Child abuse in the Army

    Colin Kelly, Richard Sandza